Welcome to Indonesia Tours

Explore the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia, the tropical nation in South East Asia made up of thousands of volcanic volcanoes and tens of thousands of stunning tropical islands scattered across the equator.  Most famous for its beaches, from the famous surf beaches of Bali such as Balian Beach and Ubud to the secluded beaches of the quieter islands like Lombok, Flores and Gili Islands. Indonesia is also home to more active volcanoes than anywhere in the world, and many are easily accessible, so pull on your boots and scale the likes of Mt Batur and Mt Bromo.  Be amazed by the bio-diversity of Indonesia, home to the Komodo Dragon, majestic elephants, tigers and the critically endangered Sumatran  Orangutan.  You will be left speechless as you get up close to these magnificent creatures at the Bohorok Orangutan Centre in Sumatra. Wander the back streets and rural lanes out of Yogyakarta and fall in love with the welcoming locals, as they continue their colourful traditions, discover quaint villages full of rice, rubber and coffee farmers who entertain themselves with traditional gamelan music and puppetry. Head to Indonesia’s lively capital Jakarta, then board a train and head to the jungle, the beach or to many of the ancient temples that are scattered around the nation.   Indonesia is more than just a resort destination it is the ultimate adventure destination with a new adventure waiting around every bend.